Hiroshima University

Welcome to Architectural Environment Lab. at Hiroshima University !

Nowadays reduction of the energy consumption has been an urgent task after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. We study on the means of improvement of energy efficiency in the building equipment system such as air conditioning and hot water supply. Further energy saving by utilization of sustainable energy is also in our interests.

We also focus on indoor thermal environment and behavior of residents. We apply approaches from the social and psychological aspects.

Our interests are also in the urban environmental planning, focusing on thermal environment, ecological environment, living environment for the residents, renewable energy use and compact city. For example, we analyze flows of heat and wind in the urban area by measurement and computer simulation and work on creation of guidelines and/or integrated maps for the urban planning in the future by applying the GIS and other tools.

If you have any questions or take an interests in our laboratory and research activities, please send an email to “hu.envarchgmail.com”. Thank you very much in advance.

Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering Cluster 4, Faculty of Engineering